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Shunyata Research products are designed with a clear intent: to remove noise, clear the signal path, eliminate impedance and to allow signal-critical electronics systems to perform at an otherwise unattainable level. The intellectual properties, customization of parts and materials and massive investment in science and measurement sets Shunyata Research products apart from all others.



It is the electrical signal, or power, that drives everything we hear and see in low-level signal media. Shunyata Research Power Conditioners and Distributors are built to optimize Dynamic Transient Current Delivery and eliminate Component-to-Component Interference. These principles dramatically impact the foundation of your system’s accuracy and dynamic expression. Audiophiles, electronics manufacturers, surgeons, mastering engineers and the finest recording studios in the world all depend on Shunyata Research power distributors when sound and visuals are mission critical.



Shunyata Research has revolutionized the category of aftermarket power cables. With a science-based approach to peak-current transfer and noise reduction, our power cords have found broad applications: from the system used to remaster Dark Side of the Moon at Astoria Studios to systems used in performing delicate heart surgery at hospitals around the USA. Even the most affordable Shunyata Research power cord renders dramatic, easy to hear and see improvements when experiencing any form of electronic media.



Shunyata Research prioritizes the purest form of signal fidelity and noise management over coloration or “tuning” that other manufacturers employ for differentiation. The distinction lies within the obvious transparency achieved by Shunyata’s proprietary cable designs. Electronics and speaker manufacturers, along with a host of recording and industry professionals depend on Shunyata Research cable systems to draw the very best performance from systems they depend on for the quality of their work.



No category of cables better expresses the profound difference Shunyata Research technology makes than it’s superior series of Digital cables, swiftly adopted as reference by the world’s pre-eminent digital component manufacturers and recording studios. The definable science within our digital cable range explains why retailers and listeners from around the world regard them as the finest products in their class.



Shunyata Research approaches grounding with the expertise gained from more than 25 years of electrical system design for medical, recording and home entertainment systems. Applying the ALTAIRA grounding hubs using Shunyata Research’s precision designed ground cables reveals a hidden wealth of recorded detail that must be experienced to fully appreciate. The Altaira Grounding System sets a new state-of-the-art performance standard in its category.



Shunyata Research accessories are designed to support and enhance the performance of our many product offerings. From burn-in adaptors to the Dark Field Suspension systems, Shunyata Research accessories showcase our design investment in across-the-spectrum improvements to the reproduction of life-like sound and images.


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