Transparent Audio

Manufacturer of the world’s finest music system and home theater cables and power conditioning products for four decades. Based in Maine, Transparent designs and manufactures interconnects, speaker cables, digital audio cables, HDMI® cables, power conditioning, and power cords for music lovers, audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts, and music and film studio professionals.

Evolution Home Theater is proud to be an authorized Transparent Audio dealer in Atlanta, GA. Call us today or stop by our showroom to hear more about Transparent Audio.



Precision geometry controls noise and helps Transparent consistently create audio cables with our desired electrical characteristics. It is the key difference between Transparent and the many audio cables that are available that are merely off-the shelf designs with a brand name printed on custom-colored jackets.



Noise reduction is the key design objective for all Transparent products, including digital audio and video cables. Improper shielding, grounding, connectors, termination techniques, and impedance instability introduce noise in most digital cables and affect audio and video fidelity. 



Transparent HDMI is the perfect AV solution for any music or film system. It works well with all Transparent products to provide enhanced music and film experiences. Robust yet flexible cable design for easy and durable routing with high quality gold-plated locking connectors.



Transparent has gone to great lengths to create a range of power cords that meet these specific and demanding criteria. Transparent Power Cords use the same design principles as Transparent Audio Cables. Each performance level of power cord Transparent offers is designed from the ground up with precise and tightly constructed geometry and stabilizing fillers to reduce the effects of noise and vibration.



The accuracy of each audio cable, digital cable, power cord, and power conditioner is critical to the overall performance of a music or home theater system. All of these vital links are the least visible components in your system, but they comprise the longest signal path in your system, and so they have a significant impact on the entire presentation of the music that your system plays.

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