Moon Audio - An exceptional range of sound systems.

Generate passions. Put people of all horizons, nationality and culture in tune. Vibrate at the same rate. That’s what we’ve been aiming for every day for 40 years. Giving access to sound purity, allowing intimacy with the performer, this is our way, at MOON, to bring to life striking emotions through music. MOON devices are designed with the intention that these intimate moments with the artist endure and remain authentic, for life.

Network Player/DAC


Digital to analog converters (DACs) and network players (streamers) translate digital audio from computers, streaming services, and/or radio in the most optimal way. Most MOON DAC’s are capable of being controlled digitally through mobile apps, iOS, or Android. This allows you to completely control your MOON gear from the touch of a phone.

Integrated Amplifiers


Both affordable and simpler than a traditional pre-amp + amplifier setup, MOON integrated amplifiers provide functionality and performance that is unmatched. These integrated amplifiers are a great solution for a simplified audio system that does not compromise sound quality.



Powerful, compact and effective, the all-in-one condenses the idea of Hi-Fi chain to simplicity. Just add your favorite pair of speakers and you’re equipped to experience excellence. Typically, all-in-ones are designed with practicality in mind, which leaves behind sound quality, a core to an excellent Hifi-Fi system. Moon Audio All-in-One does not have this compromise.



The core of every Hifi system is the preamplifier. MOON Audio preamplifiers are exceptional in that they operate quietly with no background noise, allowing your hifi system to deliver exceptional music quality. Paired with a traditional amplifier, the preamplifier adds exceptional power to your audio system.

Power Amplifiers


Designed with a purpose: to amplify sound to the system. MOON Audio power amplifiers are excellent at their role, designed without compromise, using industry-leading technology that benefits from circuits and topology without global feedback, resulting in excellent sound.



MOON has introduced the Voice 22 loudspeakers, allowing you to create a complete Moon Audio setup. The Voice 22 loudspeakers follow Moon’s tradition of creating clear and precise sound that is also rich and natural. These speakers perform great paired with the MOON ACE, as well as all 200- through 300-series amplifiers.

Phono Preamplifiers


Vinyl records are still popular amongst audio enthusiasts and MOON Audio phono preamplifiers are optimally adapted for turntables. From beginners to hifi systems, MOON phono preamplifiers adapt by amplifying the signal. Each MOON Audio phono preamplifier is designed with care using hand-selected capacitors for precise sound reproduction and natural frequency.

Headphone Amplifiers


If you are looking to experience headphone capability like no other, then a dedicated headphone amplifier from MOON audio will help you get the best results possible. Getting the highest quality sound from headphones, particularly high end headphones, is possible with MOON headphone amplifiers that benefit from circuits with a transconductance topology.

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