NORTH Collection


The landmark NORTH Collection represents the culmination of years of research and development in the fields of audio, electronics, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Its exciting new look is surpassed only by improvements in performance made possible by the passionate team of SIMAUDIO engineers and technicians dedicated to delivering an uncompromised music listening experience.


641 Integrated Amplifier


The MOON 641 is the centerpiece of any audio system, housing a preamplifier and a power amplifier in a single unit. This thrilling entry point to the North Collection is a truly stunning integrated amplifier showcasing premium MOON design and the latest audio technologies.

681 Network Player / DAC


The feature-rich MOON 681 draws upon stunning MOON design and advanced digital audio technologies to deliver a seamless experience with the 641 and to serve as a complete digital front end to any analog amplifier.

761 Power Amplifier


The MOON 761 has one job to perform, and it performs it with authority. This power amplifier effortlessly delivers delicate audio signals from a preamplifier to loudspeakers with absolute transparency and finesse.

791 Network Player / Preamplifier


The MOON 791 is much more than a preamp. It combines a high-end phono stage and streaming DAC in a state-of-the-art analog preamplifier.

861 Power Amplifier


The MOON 861 is a power amplifier with the pedigree of the distinguished MOON 888 and the wholistic design philosophy of the North Collection.

891 Network Player / Preamplifier


The MOON 891 is the keystone of the North Collection, bringing together levels of performance, features, and construction never experienced before.

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