Acoustic Signature

In 1996, Gunther Frohnhoefer founded Acoustic Signature in Suessen (located in the district of Göppingen, Baden-Württemberg). Just one year later, he presented the first Acoustic Signature high-mass turntable from his own manufacture, gaining worldwide recognition and a reputation as an innovative company. Since then, the company has grown to include tonearms and analog accessories in its product portfolio, allowing Acoustic Signature to establish itself as a fixed value in the international high-end market, with distribution partners on all five continents.


The Acoustic Signature NEO series is the cul­mi­na­tion of more than 25 years of expe­rience, ground­breaking techno­logi­cal deve­lop­ments, an unparal­leled depth of manu­fac­tu­ring with highest quality stan­dards, a unique design lang­uage, and last but not least: an unwa­vering love for the analog music reproduction.

Models include: Invictus NEO, Invictus Jr. NEO, Ascona NEO, Montana NEO, Typhoon NEO, Hurricane NEO, Tornado NEO, Double X NEO, and Maximus NEO. 



The Acoustic Signa­ture NEO tone­arm series is the culmi­nation of years of expe­rience, ground­brea­king techno­logical deve­lop­ments, an unmat­ched depth of manu­fac­tu­ring, unique designs, highest quality stan­dards and last but not least: an unwa­vering love for the ana­log music repro­duction.

Models include: TA-9000 NEO, TA-7000 NEO, TA-5000 NEO, TA-2000 NEO, TA-1000 NEO, and TA-500 NEO.



Since 2015 the Acoustic Signa­ture product port­fo­lio is also com­ple­ted by the MCX moving coil cart­ridge series. Cart­rid­ges from Acoustic Signa­ture always offer out­stan­ding value for money!

Models include: MCX1, MCX2, MCX3, and MCX4. 


Phono preamplifiers

Reso­nance-optimized, anti-magnetic alumi­num chassis, over­sized, super-stable power supplies, hand-selec­ted quality compo­nents and the shortest signal paths – Acoustic Signa­ture pulls out all the stops with the Tango MK3 and Tango Reference phono pre­amps to accu­rately process the sen­sitive phono signal.

Models include: Tango Reference and Tango Mk3. 


Record Clamps

Vinyl play­back suffers consi­dera­bly if the record does not lie com­pletely flat on the platter. With the vinyl revival, the buyer’s com­plaints grew: wavy vinyl, often the result of an insuffi­cient cooling out of the freshly pressed plastic discs in the pres­sing plants, is no longer a rarity.

Grip-S, Grip Mk3, Load-S record weight stabilizer, and Load record weight stabilizer.



All spare parts are avai­lable directly from Evolution Home Theater. Drive belts in parti­cular can lose their original shape due to mecha­nical stress, changes in tempe­rature and humidity and the influence of UV light. This reduces the perfor­mance of your turn­table. Therefore it is recom­mended to replace the belt every three years. You can order replace­ment belts, as well as other compo­nents, at any time using the “Spare parts inquiry” online form below

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