From entry level to world class, we’ve carefully curated a collection of products that are second to none. Whether you’re looking for your first Hifi or the ultimate dream system, you can trust our team to provide results you’re sure to love.

There is no substitute for auditioning high-performance audio products that are properly set up.  We have one of the largest showrooms in the country filled with an amazing array of choices. Come see us and discover the difference!


There’s still something magical about dropping the needle on some of your favorite vinyl and really getting into the music. We carry brands such as Project, McIntosh, European Audio Team, Bergmann, and more. 


We make Music Streaming simple with products like Bluesound, Lumin, Roon, Sonore, and more. Call or come by to learn more about how to add to or improve your streaming experience. 


Good electronics are the heart of any great system. We are a Platinum McIntosh dealer. We also carry Gryphon, Gold Note, Octave, Peachtree Audio, Rotel, Marantz, and more.


If electronics are the heart of any great system, then the speakers are the soul. We are one of the largest Sonus faber dealers in the country and have nearly everything they make on display. We also carry Gryphon, Dynaudio, Graham, and more.


Accessories are the backbone of any great system. Choosing proper cables and power products are as important as choosing the equipment itself. We proudly carry Tributaries and Clarus cable and power products. We also carry a diverse array of racks and cabinets from brands such as Basso Continuo, Salamander, BDI, VTI, Solid Steel, and more.


Even the best system won’t shine in a terrible room. We can help with issues like echo or poor bass response. Best of all, we have more styles and looks to choose from than ever to ensure your room looks as good as it sounds. 

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Since our inception in 1959 as a family-owned electronics business, to what we have evolved into today, a market leader in the area of home integration, we always strive to provide the best customer service possible and pride ourselves in our ability to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

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