Double X NEO

With its elegant appea­rance, the Double X already delighted the hearts of many analo­gists around the world, because it stood for the perfect synthesis of ultra-modern techno­logy and classic design. Acoustic Signa­ture’s Double X NEO continues this tradi­tion and now elevates it to sound heights that no high mass turn­table in this price range has ever achieved!

Quiet AC-motor with external, super stable multi-voltage power supply
Integrated digital motor controller
Innovative AVC technology level 1 (Auto­matic Vibration Control)
Ultra­pre­cise, extre­mely rigid and robust DTD® bearing with dia­mond-coa­ted spindle (Dura Turn Dia­mond® Bearing)
Exclusive silencer tech­nology with 8 silencer modules for platter vibration reduction
CLD technology (Cons­traint Layer Dam­ping) for impro­ved reso­na­nce behavior

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