DENALI 6000/T v2 Limited Edition

The Denali 6000/Tower v2 Limited Edition borrows its form from the iconic, original Denali 6000/T but adds the advances in science that made the Denali 6000/Sv2 shelf version the finest product in its category.

The Denali 6000/T v2 is packed with updated v3 filtering, larger versions of Shunyata’s patented QR/BB technology and NIC (Noise Isolation Chambers). CGS Ground noise filtering minimizes ground noise. As always, the integral three-stage Trident Defense System provides optimum protection from spikes and surges. Even the Denali 6000/T v2’s heavy, integrated stand provides massive isolation from floor borne vibration. Patented technologies from within the Denali 6000/Tower are now applied within critical medical and studio, mastering and film applications world-wide

With its litany of updates, the Denali 6000/Tower v2 stands as the most meticulously crafted, scientifically vetted product of its kind.

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