The Shunyata Research VENOM-X EF is a power cable on a mission. Designer Caelin Gabriel set out to create a power cable that is truly reference-grade while still being flexible enough to route through the finest custom cabinetry.

The VENOM-X EF power cable takes flexibility and ease of use to an unprecedented level. You can literally wrap the cable around a soda can, making it ideal for tight spaces and extreme angles.

VENOM-X EF’s silver-copper VTX-Ag conductors and fluorocarbon dielectrics were developed for Shunyata Research’s more expensive reference Alpha and Sigma power cables. The exclusive CopperCONN® connector sports gold-plated, solid copper contacts. This elegant, flat IEC connector allows the VENOM-X EF power cable to be used with components that have constrained or obstructed power cord entrances such as projectors and other home theater equipment.

The VENOM-X EF’s 10-gauge conductors and non-reactive design make it compatible with high power amplifiers and a wide variety of components including; solid-state, tube, analog and digital. Every facet of the VENOM-X EF power cable has been optimized for application flexibility, ease of use, and superb performance.

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