Triad Speakers

Triad loudspeakers deliver world-class audio performance into every room in the home – without compromise. From the finest Dolby Atmos home theater to high performance in-ceiling loudspeakers for rooms where a bulky speaker isn’t an option, Triad has superior sound for every room in your home.

At Triad, every speaker is engineered using the finest materials and components to deliver an exceptional audio experience, from superior drivers to sealed wood enclosures for precise sound reproduction and isolation. Triad speakers are voiced to deliver seamless acoustic performance across the whole line, whether the speaker is in-ceiling, on-wall, or in-room. Triad speakers provide superior configuration options and flexibility to add exceptional sound to any space in every project, including new construction, retrofit, outdoor, and invisible. For customers who demand superior audio performance, Triad delivers.

Built-to-order, Triad speakers combine craftsmanship and customization to simplify installation and meet the aesthetic needs for any project. Specify any size, match any color paint, and select from over 20 wood veneer options to blend with the decor of your project. Custom is what sets us apart and is what we do every day.

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