PowerWave X is the perfect surge-spike protection and power conditioning solution for Upgraded Better, Premium, and Upgraded Premium music and film systems. It works well with AUTHENTIC, REALISTIC, and LIFELIKE Transparent System Companions to provide superior component isolation, and unrestricted, noise-free power.

10 high-current surge protected U.S. outlets in 5 isolated banks
8 switched and 2 unswitched outlets
Star grounding system
Coaxial source surge protector
Gigabit network source surge protector
Avalanche diode surge protection is instantaneous and never wears out
Robust, 32 pound, 3-rack space high chassis – 17.25” x 13” x 5.75”
Custom extruded aluminum chassis allows electromagnetic fields to expand more freely than less expensive steel plate enclosures
Transparent Performance Power Cord included
Covered by Transparent’s Connected Equipment Warranty

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