PLUS Phono Interconnects are a great addition to any Upgraded Better music system with a high quality phonograph set-up. They work well with other AUTHENTIC Transparent System Companions to provide more powerful and refined dynamics and space for a closer connection to music.
Transparent builds Plus Phono in two versions: RCA > RCA and DIN > RCA.

Standard termination: RCA>RCA
Optional termination: DIN>RCA
Built-in network optimized for LP playback
Sturdy gold-plated connectors transfer power effortlessly through heavy, precision-wound OFHC stranding
Delivers deeper, tighter bass frequencies and transfers music with more refinement than MUSICWAVE Phono
Built-in network is calibrated to cable length and type to further reduce noise and increase signal efficiency
High-quality ground wire included
Handcrafted in the USA

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