Cable Cradle Wall Plate

Material: ABS/Polycarbonate blend

Width: 3.1″
Depth: 1.6″
Height: 4.9″

In keeping with the technical innovation that defines Shunyata Research’s award-winning power systems, designer Caelin Gabriel has developed yet another critical product. The Cable Cradle Wall Plate solves the very real problem of poor wall connections when using heavy, high-performance power cords. The Cable Cradle, first deployed on Shunyata’s Reference power distributors, now ensures the most secure electrical connection possible straight from the wall. The Cable Cradle Wall Plate completes an end-to-end power cord support system that has no peer in high-performance audio or medical applications.

The Cable Cradle Wall Plate prevents the common droop, sag, or dislocation that can occur when aftermarket power cords are connected to a standard wall outlet. This ingeniously unique support system prevents insecure connections, dislocations, and drooping power cords, ensuring optimum performance and connection integrity at all times.

Shunyata Research’s Cable Cradle Wall Plate provides the industry’s most secure, high-current power-connection system on the market. This ongoing innovation affirms Shunyata Research’s commitment to designing the most finely calibrated electrical and cable systems on the market.

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