Audio Group Denmark in Atlanta

Audio Group Denmark is a parent company established in 2020 consisting of 3 main brands: Anzuz, Aivik, and Børresen Acoustics. Each of these brands shares a history that includes many years of collaboration, evolution, and audio philosophy.

Evolution Home Theater is proud to be an authorized distributor of all 3 Audio Group Denmark brands: Anzuz, Aivik, and Børresen Acoustics. Give us a call today at 404-869-1880 to learn more or hear Audio Group Denmark’s amazing product line.

Børresen Acoustics

Børresen Acoustics consists of loudspeakers with top-notch musical accuracy, balance, and natural sound. The top of the line Børresen series offer greater midrange and clarity, deep bass, and exceptional authentic sound. Børresen Acoustics consists of two separate speaker series:the 0-Series and the Z-Series.

These loudspeakers were designed to be the ultimate loudspeaker and exceed expectations. The goal Børresen Acoustics set out to achieve was: re-engineered driver tech, optimal crossover, minimal inductance, and the best mechanical grounding with resonance control.

Each and every Børresen speakers are extraordinary and represent major advancement in audio system potential, including new patented technologies. The unique shape of these speakers pairs acoustics with modern Scandinavian design which blends beautifully with any décor. The Børresen line includes: Børresen Z5, Børresen 01 Silver Supreme Edition, Børresen 03, and mor

Aavik Acoustics

Aavik Acoustics are audio electronic components including amplifiers, digital/analog converters (DAC), streamers, and phono stages. All Aavik components are top-notch quality for hifi systems.

The Aavik series uses a multitude of audio technologies including a natural-based material for the cabinets allowing for unprecedented audio potential inspired by traditional musical instruments. Aavik also aims to match hifi musical performance with the individual’s preferences in mind. By lowering the noise floor, Aavik creates a more dynamic range of music. Even the smallest details are projected onto a larger sound stage with a quiet background.

Aavik also uses noise-canceling technology from their sister company, Ansuz-Acoustics. Each system is designed using Tesla coils, dither circuitry, and anti-aerial resonance coils allowing for unconstrained audio signal and flow.

The Aavik line includes products such as: Aavik I-580, Aavik D-580, Aavik C-580, and more.

Ansuz Acoustics

Ansuz Acoustics will significantly increase the performance of any audio system. Ansuz Acoustics consists of high-end cables, power distributors, streamers, and controllers. Ansuz Acoustics products make it a goal to lower the disturbing noise floor while still maintaining natural tones and authentic sound.

Using advanced coil and dither technologies, Ansuz products create suppression of noise disruptions by counteracting them. Signal distribution and noise cancellation will both enhance blackness and dynamics in a systems performance while also allowing for refined and more subtle elements.

The Ansuz line includes products such as: Ansuz Mainz D2, Ansuz Ethernet D-TC SUPREME, Ansuz Signalz RCA A2, and more.

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