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Gryphon Audio Designs provides some of the best performing audio equipment in the world. Each and every one of their audio products is not only a stunning work of art, but also provides state of the art audio performance.

“..perfect union of the power of the Lion with the grace of the Eagle”

The production team at Gryphon Audio Designs provides some of the highest quality production and quality assurance within the high end audio industry. The Gryphon Audio design philosophy is “no frills” excluding unnecessary components in order to maintain signal.

Evolution Home Theater is an Authorized Gryphon audio dealer in Atlanta. Our Gryphon audio products range from amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers, furniture and more. Visit our showroom today to hear our Gryphon audio systems in person.

Power Amplifiers

It has always been Gryphon’s mission to achieve the highest possible audio performance. in terms of sheer musicality, transparency and realism. Every Gryphon Audio power amplifier is among the best in the world. Power amplifier models include: Apex Mono, Apex Stereo, Essence Mono, Mephisto Solo, Mephisto Stereo, Antileon EVO Mono, and Antileon EVO Stereo.

Integrated Amplifiers

Gryphon Diablo is quite possibly the most popular High End integrated amplifier of all time. Despite sales of thousands of units, its virtual absence from the second-hand market is a reliable indicator of the extreme loyalty of Diablo owners. Integrated amplifier models include: Diablo 120 and Diablo 300.


The wealth of detail and fine handling of bass and high frequencies contribute to the preamplifier’s ability to render the width and depth of a soundstage with three-dimensional realism and instrumental placement with great precision and realistic size. Gryphon Preamplifer models include: Commander, Essence Preamplifier, Pandora, and Zena.


Revised versions of Gryphon Audio Designs products are few and far between for the simple reason that Gryphon has never brought a product to the marketplace, before it was fully ready for prime time. Gryphon loudspeaker models include: Trident II, Pantheon, Mojo S, and Kodo.

CD Players

Gryphon Audio Designs have stood for major innovations throughout the digital era with an acclaimed series of CD players that, perhaps more than most, deserve to be described as integrated transport/DAC’s. Gryphon CD player models include: Ethos and Scorpio S.


Gryphon Audio Designs has consistently offered unswavering support to the LP format with high performance MC/MM phonostages as optional modules for installation in preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers at all price points across our product range. Gryphon Phonostage models include: Legato Legacy XLR and PS2-S MM/MC Phono Module.

D/A Converters

In any audio system, there are certain points along the signal path that are more crucial than others. These are the intersections where the signal is converted from one form of energy into another. Gryphon D/A Converter models include: Kalliope, Diablo 300 DAC Module, Diablo 120 DAC Module, and Zena DAC Module.


Gryphon Audio Designs proudly announces the release of a whole new series of cables. It is the very top of the line from Gryphon and it is a new evolutionary step in Gryphon Cable Production. Gryphon cable models include: Vanta, VIP Reference Series, Guideline Reference Interconnect, and Headline.

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Since our inception in 1959 as a family-owned electronics business, to what we have evolved into today, a market leader in the area of home integration, we always strive to provide the best customer service possible and pride ourselves in our ability to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

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