Today’s whole-home music systems and automation systems can put you in control of your home, simplify your life, create mood and ambiance, increase your family's safety, and help save energy. With so many benefits it’s no surprise that these systems are considered a necessity in modern homes. Simplicity of use and control are the key elements.


Automation and Control Systems

With a whole-home music system, it’s easy to play your digital music files, satellite and internet radio, your cd collection, and even the audio from your movies and television in all the various rooms of your home.  You can easily control what you’re listening to from a simple to operate touch-panel, your smart-phone, or your iPad.  

A full home-automation system can control your music, video, security systems, lighting and shades, central heating and air, heated floors, and more. 

This allows previously unprecedented options for safety, convenience, and energy savings. 

Evolution Home Theater uses the most reliable industry-leading brands available such as Control4 and Lutron to ensure our clients have a system that operates flawlessly, easily, and will last well into the future.   Our System Designers and Installers are well- trained and have years of experience working with the most advanced systems available today.

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Audio Video

Our whole-house audio-video systems allow you to choose from multiple scenarios with one-touch control over the entire system. While some can be enjoying the ultimate home cinema experience, music can enhance your culinary activities in the kitchen or stream the news in your home office. All your TVs can also be similarly connected, showing the same content or playing separate media in each room.


Our advanced lighting control system allows remote access to your lighting system. Be welcomed home by a well-lit driveway and a cozy indoors. Adjust the lighting in all or individual rooms with a touch of a button. Not only is this a time-saving investment but also an increase in the security of your property.


We offer state-of-the-art security alarm solutions to help you protect your property 24/7.  Whether it is suspicious activity around your home, a record of property theft, finding who is at your front door, or checking on your pets while away from home, all of these are easier to achieve with the integration of a surveillance system.


Our systems give you the freedom to control many aspects of your home to suit your comfort. Adjust your thermostat via your smartphone before you leave the office. Intelligent temperature control means that your smart home system will sense the outdoor temperature and adjust the indoor temperature accordingly. The result: greater savings and greater comfort!

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